About the Blog: Our Focus

Wholesale Magic is a division of Magic City, Inc., one of the largest magic distributors on the planet. Magic City has been in the Kirchner family for 40 years. The current CEO, Gerald Kirchner, has produced hundreds of best sellers and worked with the top names in the industry, including: Harry Anderson, Billy McComb, Aaron Smith, Michael Ammar, Brian Tudor, David Powell, Fantasio, Magic Smith, Chastain Criswell, Jay Leslie, Roy Kueppers, Steve Reynolds, Martin Breese, David Regal, and Peter Duffie to name a few.

Wholesale Magic currently stocks over 700 brands, representing over 6000 items, and manufactures their own line of nearly 1200 products. Wholesale Magic enjoys promoting all of their talent, the superstars and the newcomers—it doesn’t matter if you are a big name, they just care about good, innovative magic. Want Wholesale Magic to represent you?

Do you own Magic City items? Chances are if you have ever purchased a product from a magic shop—online or brick and mortar—you probably have many Magic City items. Magic City also produced magic tricks for Cracker Jacks and Orville Redenbacher.

The Wholesale Magic Blog is an interactive magic news site. We hope to be a vital part of the information stream from a unique vantage point. Instead of posting articles from only a performance point of view, this blog will publish information at an industry level. Where does your magic come from? How can you publish and sell your own magic creations? What are the top items you can pitch on the weekends to make a living?

We want you to be a big part of this blog. If you have a question, please ask it in the comments below each article, Twitter, or on Facebook. If the subject appeals to our focus, we will answer you with a complete blog article. You can also submit your own articles.

At the bottom of each article are social media icons. Please, share us with your friends and colleagues so that they might profit from the information too. As the blog progresses, it will be a valuable resource, especially if we have people like you contributing.

Thank You!