Author the Future

We want creative magicians to share their experiences, innovations, and ideas with the magic community through our website. We accept written submissions, memes, and videos.

Would you like to submit an article to the blog? We are looking for articles about magic with a business slant, from any background—creation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, consumer, and even layman. Magic trick how-to articles are considered, but really belong in other blogs. We prefer to post articles with a message about the industry.

Topics of high interest sure to get you published:

  • How I Marketed My First Trick
  • Where I Went Wrong/Right Marketing My Trick
  • The Benefits and Consequences of Retail Discounts
  • State of Decay: The Significance of Infringement
  • How to Book Theatres and Handle Ticket Sales
  • The Best Venues for Earned Media (Free Publicity)
  • Mail Order Tips and Tricks, Such as Logistics
  • How to Make Dropships a Win-Win for All Parties.
  • Industry Standard Practices that are Obsolete
  • Industry Standard Practices that Need Reform
  • Industry Standard Practices that Should Return
  • Manipulating Percentages to Get Larger Distribution
  • How to Package Magic for In-Store and Mail Order Sales
  • Best Uses of Social Media for Supply and Demand
  • The Supply Chain Explained

Send your articles as a message via our Facebook page. Please write “Article Submission.” All we ask is for electronic rights for the blog (archival), and subsequent syndication rights via newsletter, social media, and RSS feeds to promote it. Articles will include your name or stage name, unless you want to post anonymously. We usually respond to submissions within two weeks.

We also accept submissions via video and meme. Post your YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine videos and your meme’s to our Facebook wall to submit them to the blog.

Thank You!