Magic Stores Report $6000 in Revenue! launched the Royalty Free Program last month, and magic dealers have already reported combined revenue in excess of $6000.

And that is with only 40% of stores reporting!

Think about it for a moment: six thousand dollars magic dealers kept without paying a dime of it back to a jobber or vendor or shipping company; SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS in total profit that did not exist before our Royalty Free Program.

If you are in the magic business, then you know nothing much is selling right now unless you push it hard. So why not push products with 100% profit?

The pie is getting bigger! Here’s how you can enjoy a slice…

Select from any of the products listed below or from our Royalty Free product page. Add the item to your site and feature it. Send it to your list and push it relentlessly. When a customer purchases the item, you keep all the money. The buck stops with you!

I asked one of my dealers what the Royalty Free Program means to him and his business. He said, “To me it’s an endless inventory. A year-long, profit-laden revenue stream. After just thirty days my bestsellers are mostly royalty free.”

He nailed it.

He understands the program.

He sees the value in generating royalty free profits in this economy.

It is never too late to join the party. The program is scalable for any size business. Every magic store, no matter how large, starts with one Royalty Free product. Don’t just add it to your site—push it! Sell it. Keep all the money!

Complete Course in Pick Pocketing

Derek Dingle Last Notes by Simon Lovell 

Dracola by Gerald Kirchner

Burning Up by Nathan Kranzo

Bob Hummer’s Devastation Principle

Cups and Balls by Senor Mardo

Dotcha! by Gerald Kirchner

Flipper Coin Repair by Roy Kueppers

From the Stall Booklet

Interlocked Card Production

Pop-Card by Steven Pignataro

Expanded Shell Repair by Roy Kueppers

Mark Cannon’s Great Escapes Convention

If you have questions about the program, feel free to contact us. We also set up a FAQ page here.

Is Royalty Free Right For Me

Batteries Not Included…

Batteries_Not_IncludedI stumbled upon this trick by accident and it quickly became one of those “gems” you find yourself performing at every opportunity. It is contagious. Whenever I teach a fellow magician “Batteries Not Included,” they end up performing it just as often.

When I perform the trick, it is usually because there happen to be two batteries lying around; a friend is changing out the batteries in a remote for instance. Double A are best, but you can sometimes do the trick with D’s and C’s too.

You can carry a couple of batteries in your pocket to perform anytime.

“Did you know those batteries are magnetic?” Pick them up and lay one next to the other lengthwise. Nothing happens. “Oh wait, you have to rub them together to get a static charge.” Now, hold one battery and the other is magically – supposedly magnetically – stuck to it. When your friend tries it, there is no such magnetism.

If you would like to learn how the trick is done and share with your friends and family, Click here and place a FREE ORDER of Batteries Not Included.

Dracola: A Bloody Good Trick!

dracola_gerald_kirchnerIn the late ’90’s, everyone in the world had their eye on newcomer David Blaine. Including me.

One night, as I watched Blaine’s newest television special, I waited anxiously to see what amazing thing he would do next. He picked up an empty, crushed beer can and was like, “Look, look!” I looked. He moved the can around in a circular motion and it popped back into shape. He waved his hand over the can—the opening resealed—and the can was brand-new again. He cracked it open and handed it to one of the spectators, who took a refreshing swig of crisp beer! The spectators totally freaked! And rightfully so.

My first thought? Camera tricks.

My Second thought? Gross!

He found the can on the ground and asked someone to drink from it—that’s disgusting! Plus, “discovering” the can is weak in my opinion. I knew there was a more dramatic way to perform the trick, so I tinkered around with the idea: is it possible to “resurrect” a can from the dead?

After developing the final routine, my first victim—Ahem! Spectator—stopped by the warehouse to pick up his order. I showed him the trick, which now included the unexpected draining of the can, Dracola style. He was floored! And he was familiar with Blaine’s performance, so it was even better. He said it was like two different tricks—Blaine’s routine just sort of happens. Dracola explodes!

Later, I learned the version Blaine performed was a culmination of ideas from John Kennedy, Anders Moden, and Tim Ellis, who later produced the trick in booklet form, calling it “Healed and Sealed.” Other magicians came up with similar ideas as well, but Healed and Sealed was the best known at the time.

Unlike Healed and Sealed, you can perform Dracola impromptu with a can right out of a vending machine. Thanks to one of magic’s favorite tools, I was able to eliminate many of the weaknesses of the effect—namely, starting with an empty can. The routine itself plays a part too. The vampire theme offers the freedom to drain the contents of the can and to “revive” the soda by returning it back to its original state, inside and out, right in front of your spectator.

Try it yourself and see firsthand the power of this amazing trick. Get Dracola for less than 10 bucks! You will enjoy fooling your friends and family, convincing them you are the true Dracola! Do you hear that? It’s the children of the Sprite. Bwahahahaa!Picture 1



Royalty Free Download System for Magic Shops

icone-downloadDownloadable content is here to stay. Even as new technologies develop and gain popularity, a method of virtual delivery will continue to provide value to consumers, stores, and content creators for the foreseeable future.

Yet there are magic shops who still haven’t embraced this concept. And those merchants who do offer downloadable content, typically lump the products together in a giant, uncategorized list on their website—imagine shopping Walmart without departments.

While Magic City isn’t viewed as an industry leader today when it comes to downloads, we were the first jobber to distribute ebooks through stores on digital media. And before the recession, Magic City was working on a massive electronic version of the jobber, store, magician paradigm in digital form.

The project was abandoned because it doesn’t make sense.

Other than tradition, why create a new system with the limitations and problems of the old system? Why not use the new technology to do better things instead of the same old thing?

The magic industry already works on such a small margin, it’s foolish to induce the same constraint on a technology with the potential to reduce costs.

Thus, we scrapped the project and began working on something new—converting Magic City’s massive collection of books and DVDs into easily distributable digital formats for the sole purpose of licensing resale rights to magic shops…

…in such a way that content producers get paid and magic stores get to keep 100% of their sales. Simple. Profitable. Revolutionary!

Here’s how it works:

For a yearly fee, magic shops select the products they want to sell royalty free. The system is scalable, license only the items you want to sell, then sell as many as you want for a year and keep all the money.

Magic shops have total control of the system to ensure customer retention.

Magicians purchase the licensed book or video and download it directly form the magic shop’s website. There isn’t a central hub as we originally planned or as others in the industry have done, you keep your customers right where you need them—on your website.

As a merchant, you might feel overwhelmed when you look at all the downloads available industry-wide or on a competitor’s website. But don’t get discouraged.

You only need to start with one item.

Put it on your site in the category where it would go if it wasn’t a download AND in a category just for downloads. Then, as we release more products with licensing, you add more products to your site.

We will grow this system together.

The program begins April 1st. Several shops have already licensed the first product, The Complete Course in Pick Pocketing. This is one of our best selling speciality books. It’s an item with built-in demand among closeup magicians, stage performers, street artists, and general entertainers.

Buy a license and sell as many copies as possible for the next year—saturate your customers—and keep all the profit.

You knew this year was going to be different. Click here to get started!