One Simple Step Increases Facebook Reach



If you manage a Facebook page for your business or products, you may have noticed a recent decrease in the reach of your regular status updates.


The answer is simple: Facebook altered their algorithm to favor shares instead of updates.

What does this mean for you and your page? How can you increase your reach when you share information with the people who like your page?

Again, the answer is simple.

Instead of posting information about a new page or product on your website in a status update—usually a small bit of text and a link to the page—share the info directly from your website.

First, go to Facebook and select “Use Facebook As YOURPAGENAME” from the gear icon at the top, far right. Then go to your website and click the share button on the page your want to share, or if you don’t have one—and you should!—use the share feature in your web browser (may be an add-on in some browsers).

After you share the info, return to Facebook and click the gear icon again to use Facebook as your own profile account. Share the status update from your page timeline on your own personal profile timeline.


You just tickled the new Facebook algorithm and their system will now share your content through a larger potential array of viewers.

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