Batteries Not Included…

Batteries_Not_IncludedI stumbled upon this trick by accident and it quickly became one of those “gems” you find yourself performing at every opportunity. It is contagious. Whenever I teach a fellow magician “Batteries Not Included,” they end up performing it just as often.

When I perform the trick, it is usually because there happen to be two batteries lying around; a friend is changing out the batteries in a remote for instance. Double A are best, but you can sometimes do the trick with D’s and C’s too.

You can carry a couple of batteries in your pocket to perform anytime.

“Did you know those batteries are magnetic?” Pick them up and lay one next to the other lengthwise. Nothing happens. “Oh wait, you have to rub them together to get a static charge.” Now, hold one battery and the other is magically – supposedly magnetically – stuck to it. When your friend tries it, there is no such magnetism.

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Dotcha! Magic and Mayhem with the iPhone


I love phone tricks. I have five DVDs available on the subject! I also have a book devoted to iPhone tricks and gags entitled, Magic and Mayhem with the iPhone. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming soon. Stay tuned!

Since I’m always on my iphone, I thought, why not try and come up with a fun little gag to share here on the blog? I use iMessage a lot and so I decided to play around with that. What’s my least favorite part about texting? The waiting for a reply, of course. You know, the three dancing dots that pop up as the person you’re texting is texting you back. I’ve had to stare at those three dancing dots many times. That got me thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if you could just leave that text bubble floating there? How long would someone sit waiting for a text that wasn’t ever coming? Turns out, people will wait an almost unbearably long time. It’s pretty funny. As you can imagine, I proceeded to torture friends and family with this gif for days.


I created the Dotcha! gif on Photoshop. The initial image was good, but I wanted to see if I could find a better image elsewhere. Google didn’t have the images I was looking for, but I did find a post on cnet by Jason Cipriani describing the same idea. He almost had it right. What’s the difference? His bubble gif does not look like the iMessage bubble gif. So close!

I’m offering it here to all those who love mischief and pranks for free. Enjoy!

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Shattered Hearts Blows Minds

Shattered HeartsThose of you who read my article, Card Tricks Make a Comeback, know that I really like card magic. I get excited whenever a new card trick comes along. Seeing the trick for the first time is part of the appeal, especially when it fools me or surprises me–catches me off guard.

In the late ’90’s, my friend Chris Brent created a trick called Shattered Hearts. It fits the description above perfectly. We were hanging out at a magic convention in Dallas, Texas and he says, “Do you want to see a new card trick I’ve been working on?”

Of course, I was intrigued. Chris is super-talented. But I really didn’t expect much when he started off with the standard, “Pick a card.” I did as he asked. I returned the card to the deck and he lost it in the pack. It seemed so simple. Even up to the moment when he revealed my card and asked, “Is this your card.”

“Nope,” I said with a wink and a smile.

What came next was totally unexpected. I have seen my share of pick a card tricks, but this, this was special. “Hold your hands out like a cup,” Chris said. And then he snaps the card and hearts flutter down from the face like snowflakes on a bloody-cold winter’s day. Six hearts to be exact. “Was your card the Six of Hearts?” he asked.

“Yes! Yes, it was,” I said.

I was so impressed. The trick was amazing and I had to have it for myself. Chris and I chatted a bit, and as we turned to go back into the dealer’s room, the one and only Phil Goldstein–Max Mavin–was standing right in front of us. Chris had Max do the same pick a card bit, ending with that incredible “raining hearts” finish. In good Max fashion, stroking his chin, he says, “interesting!”

Max liked the trick just as I had. Magic City inked a deal with Chris that night. Today, every magic shop across the globe has the opportunity to carry Shattered Hearts, a signature trick by my friend, the talented Chris Brent.

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How Many Licks Does it Take for a Review?

Pop1Ask the wise owl, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?” and he always answers the same: “THREE(hee)!” For proof, see the original video…

But how many sales does it take to get one review on your website? The answer is a little over two thousand. That’s right, two thousand sales. Have you already given up on the idea of ever having reviews on your site again? Don’t! I have an idea that will have your site full of reviews in no time.

From my research, I have concluded that it takes a little over two thousand sales of any one item or for every two thousand products you sell site-wide, to net one review. This is just an average, but that might be why you have little to no reviews. It’s not your fault, it’s the stats fault–a numbers game. Unless your site is wildly popular and you’re selling like crazy, reviews are just not going to magically appear (pun intended).

Don’t feel hopeless. Have no fear. I am hear to help! First off, you need a strategy; a reason for customers to write reviews.

Customers only respond to a few things:

  • Discounts
  • Special Offers
  • Incentives: Free Magic, Drawings, Member Forum
  • Mores Discounts

One last thing… The personal touch. That’s right, customers respond to a personal touch. They want to know you care. And you do! Or you wouldn’t be in the magic business.

Here’s what you do: After you have answered all of your incoming email, pick your last ten orders that have been delivered and send the customer a personal email. Something like, “Hello, I see you received your last order. What did you think of MAGIC TRICK NAME?” It only takes a few minutes to write a quick, two-sentence email. Make a general letter and fill in the personal details. This will most likely result in at least five responses. Answer back with a follow-up, thanking your customer and state that you will include their comments in a products review.

Done! You just got at least five new reviews in less time than it took to read this post.

Talk Back Questions: In your experience what is the ratio of sales to reviews? What are your favorite review incentives?

Magic Industry-Specific Holiday Needs Your Support

Don_BoscoIIWhile the magic industry feels a boost during the end-of-the-year holiday season, it isn’t anywhere near the increase experienced by more mainstream industries.

This is not just a financial problem; it’s a numbers game that affects the whole magic community. For the art to survive we need the current generation of magicians to recruit a new generation. We cannot have the next David Copperfield without the current one out there in front of audiences inspiring future magicians.

Likewise, we cannot have the future insert-your-name-here without your hard work. And if you are a magic shop owner with a love of magic, it is your duty to inspire every magician who walks through your door or visits your website to do the same. You are on the frontlines!

Which brings us back to holidays.

Gifting magic tricks is an efficient way to find new magicians. Even many professional, full-time magicians claim they were given a magic set that contained the bug that bit them. When is the best time to give a gift? During the holidays of course. We’ll leave the big holidays out of this article and concentrate on a potential “new” celebration.

I put new in quotes because the holiday I propose isn’t new at all, but rather one already celebrated in several countries around the globe. It is unfamiliar to many magicians and certainly a great number of laypeople; a situation that needs remedied.

Bosco Day.

John “Don” Bosco is the patron saint of magicians (among other patronage). A feast is held among devotees every January 31st (mark your calendars). At the time of the feast, magical gifts are given to friends and family. This is good for two reasons if you sell magic tricks. First, you want to sell more magic obviously, and second, you probably care deeply about magic or you wouldn’t be in this business.

Consider the following:

  • Celebrate Bosco Day on a local, secular level and offer discounts and free magic to magicians and the public during the week of the 31st.
  • Help turn this holiday into a tradition among magicians on your newsletter, social media, and members of your local club(s).
  • At the very least, mention Bosco Day on your blog or storefront to bring the day to light. This is an excellent time to get a write up in the local paper or on the evening news. Yes, this will help create more demand for the industry’s products, but focus on creating demand for magicians—the ultimate goal.

magic_wand_scrolls_aaron_smithBosco Day gifts do not have to be expensive. In fact, they can be downright cheap and promotional. You can get a 100-count box of custom Magic Wand Scrolls and hand them out with every order. Not only will you share the gift of magic, you will share your store name, domain name, and contact information in the process. Performers can also use Magic Wand Scrolls. They really are the best business card in the magic business.

Have a Happy Bosco Day!

The Smart Phone Card Trick

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