Dotcha! Magic and Mayhem with the iPhone


I love phone tricks. I have five DVDs available on the subject! I also have a book devoted to iPhone tricks and gags entitled, Magic and Mayhem with the iPhone. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming soon. Stay tuned!

Since I’m always on my iphone, I thought, why not try and come up with a fun little gag to share here on the blog? I use iMessage a lot and so I decided to play around with that. What’s my least favorite part about texting? The waiting for a reply, of course. You know, the three dancing dots that pop up as the person you’re texting is texting you back. I’ve had to stare at those three dancing dots many times. That got me thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if you could just leave that text bubble floating there? How long would someone sit waiting for a text that wasn’t ever coming? Turns out, people will wait an almost unbearably long time. It’s pretty funny. As you can imagine, I proceeded to torture friends and family with this gif for days.


I created the Dotcha! gif on Photoshop. The initial image was good, but I wanted to see if I could find a better image elsewhere. Google didn’t have the images I was looking for, but I did find a post on cnet by Jason Cipriani describing the same idea. He almost had it right. What’s the difference? His bubble gif does not look like the iMessage bubble gif. So close!

I’m offering it here to all those who love mischief and pranks for free. Enjoy!

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The Best Camera on the PLANET for Magicians!

IphonecamIn the summer of 2011, I wrote the following article. All the information is just as relevant as it was back then. I will update it as I go along the post and compare 2011 to today, winter 2014.

I have always said, the best camera is the one you have with you when you need it – the one you carry with you every day. For most of us, that is our camera phone or smart phone.

Flickr Chart

iPhone 4 is the number one camera on Flickr in summer 2011

And at least one major online photo-sharing website agrees with me. According to Flicker, the number one used camera is the iPhone 4. Today the new winner is no surprise the iPhone 5. I think the iPhone 5S would be supreme, but with the 5C release and the smaller upgrade on the 5S, it has not taken over the top spot. I think the next release of iPhone will hit the number one spot quickly from all the iPhone 5 upgrades. Here is their complete list of the most used cameras

iPhone 5 Tops the List

While a modern smartphone’s 5-megapixel image resolution isn’t the best on the market, it is a remarkable improvement over camera phones released just a few years ago. Since the iPhone is the number one selling phone on the market today, the vast majority of the population who carries a phone also has a damn-good camera in their pocket.

Up until recently, I owned one of those big handheld monster camcorders and a digital point and shoot. When my camcorder broke, I thought to myself – my wife and I both have iPhones and my son has a Flip camera – do we really need to replace the old bulky single-purpose camcorder?

Soon after, my point and shoot digital still camera died. It was a nice camera, but I had the same thought – why replace it when my iPhone’s camera does a good job and is always in my pocket?

As technology gets smaller and continues to combine features, it is only logical that a device like the iPhone 4 would be the number-one camera on Flickr. By this time next year, the iPhone 4 will probably fall from the number one spot; bumped by none other than the iPhone 5. (This Happened.)

So what does Flickr and iPhone have to do with magic? Well, go grab your smartphone and I will tell you…

iPhone Photo Trick: One of my favorite tricks is the iPhone Cracked Screen. Search for the term “iPhone cracked screen” in Google Images, and you should be able to find a photo that works on your phone. If you are on your iPhone, click the picture you want and save it to your camera roll. Here are a couple examples:CrackedScreen2

To perform Cracked Screen, take someone’s photo. Snap the shot and say, “well, I have heard the old joke that you broke my camera with your face, but you really did it!”

Call them over to see it, and as you show them the picture, click the little square at the bottom of the photo screen (on the iPhone), it will take you to your camera roll and display the last picture – swipe past it to the cracked screen just in time to show your spectator. They broke your phone!cracked-screen

There is a trick in my “Magic with the iPhone II DVD,” where you can do some amazing photo magic – including a version of Cracked Screen that shows the actual photo of the spectator, cracked!

Smartphones create an ideal atmosphere for organic, impromptu magic. Similar to how our opportunity to capture precious moments on video and in photos has increased with the convenience of a camera in every pocket, so has the opportunity to perform extraordinary magic on the spot. All thanks to the best camera, the one you have with you!

Checkout all three volumes of my “Magic with the iPhone” DVDs, Magic City best sellers!

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Don’t Ignore These Customers, They’re Ready to Buy Magic!

Next time you demonstrate magic in your shop or at your booth, remember everyone with an iPhone is a potential five-product sale. An EASY five-product sale! And if you include just one of those five products per visit, their average order ticket can easily exceed $40 when combined with other impulse buys.

There are a variety of magic tricks for the iPhone that require additional apps, but who has space for those? Very few of them work with the spectator’s phone, and fewer still are demonstrable on the fly with only the spectator’s phone. These products also, in many cases, bypass the magic shop and require the magician to download the trick directly from the iTunes store.

Since we’re talking technology, some magicians will get nervous right away. But you don’t have to be tech-savvy to perform amazing magic with an iPhone, let alone demonstrate it to your customers. In fact, you don’t even have to turn the phone on to profit from some of the best selling iPhone DVD’s and props on the market.

iPhone users love to make their phones look even cooler than they already are. That’s why the following items are easy sales to magicians and the general public, perfect for brick and mortar demonstrations, multi-venue pitches, and of course, online traffic always searching for the most current “Tips and TRICKS with the iPhone.”

If all else fails, wad their iPhone up and throw it in the trashcan using iFoam!

iFloat__09524_zoom iFoam_magic_tricks_DVD__07495_zoom iphone-insert__26673_zoom iUtility_Magic_DVD__52913_zoom Magic_with_iPhone_Vol_2__47652_zoom