Dupe & Print: Keep it in the Family

CD-PRINTMagic City is one of the oldest magic book and DVD publishers in continuous operation. We have retired many presses and technologies in our forty-year history, and now use state-of-the-art digital machines. Chances are you have many of our books and DVD’s in your magic library.

But there was a time when manufacturers felt non-magic companies offered better duplication and printing services than from businesses in the industry. And that was true to some extent, but it also meant higher prices to magicians, larger runs than necessary, and a great deal of profit-loss due to redundant shipping.

Now days, the technology is all about the same. Large magic companies can easily compete with the quality and volume from experts in the duping and printing fields. However, when it comes to the benefits mentioned earlier, it makes sense to “keep it in the family.”

Wholesale Magic can dupe, print, and package your DVD’s and books, and then you can distribute them directly from our shelves or ask us for assistance. You control the size of your print or dupe runs, net a cheaper rate, save on shipping, and your products are already in the hands of one of the largest and most experienced magic jobbers on the planet.

Afterwards, you can decide to make sales solo or if you want Wholesale Magic to help you get orders—even from other jobbers—the choice is yours. We’ll ship the product for you either way. The only thing you have to do is invent more magic! We’ll take care of the rest.

Contact Wholesale Magic for printing and/or DVD duplication.

This Treasure Chest is a Rewarding Sale

thayerbook1__69598__60431_zoomIf ever there was a magic treasure chest—a container filled with valuable magical knowledge, inspiration, and apparatus—it is the Thayer Qualify Magic books by Glenn Gravatt.

Their magic doesn’t end with the information they impart or the inspiration they bestow. Part of their charm, on an industry level, is how well they continue to sell after all these years. With even a subtle push, the books will fly off the shelf one at a time or as complete sets at a combined special price.

And if you open one of these treasure chests, you will instantly see why the Thayer Quality Magic books are so highly prized. The detailed descriptions and revealing diagrams are like candy to a magician who can barely shuffle, and mother’s milk to those of us long in the craft.

I know at least one magic shop that used to have a Thayer book on their counter with prices next to the illusions no longer available—they simply contracted with an illusion builder at wholesale. Magicians would browse the Thayer book and pick out items for their show and get blasts from the past delivered a few weeks later. This is a service you can offer to your customers too.

Very few products are pots of gold like the Thayer Quality Magic books. You can recommend them without hesitation. You will enjoy making the sale, and the buyer’s reward is a thousand times the cost of the books.