Most Magic Shops Overlook This Profitable Niche (materials included)

Photo by Sharese Ann Frederick from Purchase, N.Y.

Photo by Sharese Ann Frederick from Purchase, N.Y.

In a niche market—a market composed of niches—the most profitable revenue streams often originate from a company offering a service overlooked by its competitors.

And what’s best, these revenue streams weather recessions and other economic cycles better than mainstream sources.

For magic shops to identify these niche services, the merchants must focus on the needs of the magicians they serve. This article offers a real-world example and provides the materials needed to take advantage of the opportunity.

When a magician negotiates the terms of a booking, their customer will often ask a common question.

The Question: “Will you teach the audience a trick during your show?”

The Typical Answer: “Yeah, I can do that,” or “I’m sorry, but I really don’t like to teach magic. You know, a magician never reveals the secret.”

The BETTER Answer: “My show is pretty much set and choreographed for audience enjoyment, but I’m happy to setup an area where I can teach some magic after the show.”

Magicians, if they are so inclined [and educated by their magic shop to do so], might consider offering to “teach some magic” after the show as a fundamental part of their booking package.

The “area” the magician offers to setup is a dealer’s table—known as “back of the room sales.” Magicians should not try to sneak in a sales table, but rather use the above reportage to upsell their client on the idea—to introduce a service paramount to the magician’s show package.

Back of the room sales is not a new idea among magicians. Many of your customers are already selling magic before or after their show and/or on weekends. But it is rare for magic shops to teach magicians how to properly offer this service and to provide discounted merchandise for magicians to resell.

In fact, this missed opportunity is why ALL magic jobbers sell direct to pitchmen as part of their regular wholesale clientele—magic stores dropped the ball and demand eventually gave way to supply.

Magic City manufacturers many of the most popular pitch items, perfect for back-of-the-room sales, and we can offer them to you at extended wholesale; providing you with the opportunity to fill this niche in your area.

Here is an article and a flyer in Word format. Edit the Word document with your own store information (you can open and edit Word documents via Microsoft’s LIVE website). These materials are free to distribute to your retail customers worldwide.

Then, click here for a list of popular pitch items at extended wholesale.

You take the bulk orders. You make the volume profit.

Card Tricks Make a Comeback in Show Stopper Style

Show StoppersLike any other type of magic, card tricks have gone in and out of popular favor. I love card tricks, but as a distributor of magic, I am constantly pitched new products. By 2002, I had seen enough card tricks and was looking for just about anything else.

It wasn’t that I was burned out on card tricks already published, it was that card magicians really weren’t making epic strides like they were in the nineties. Plus, the market wasn’t buying card tricks. I would get calls at the office, “What’s new? And isn’t a card trick?”

Today, however, cards are starting to make a comeback. Card magicians have taken advantage of new technology and reduced modern printing costs, cranking up the gears of innovation once again, producing top-quality card magic. And the best part of all, card tricks are selling!

Still, with all the leaps and bounds forward, one of my favorite card tricks is an oldie – the “Dunbury Delusion by Charlie Miller.”

Few magicians are familiar with the plot, and those who have seen it, probably have no idea where Charlie published it originally. I learned it from a remarkable little booklet called “Show Stoppers by Hugard and Braue.

The book is very good – filled with so many amazing card tricks – I just had to have a copy for myself. It was long out of print though, so I purchased the rights and brought it back to life for the next generation of card magicians. You can own it now in hard copy or digital format.

The reason I like the “Dunbury Delusion” is both because of Charlie Miller’s streamlined handling (easy for beginners, but strong enough for pros), and the impact of the final revelation. It’s one of those tricks that makes a wonderful performance piece at parties, high-class shows, or even a money-making bar bet. In other words, you can perform for your friend, your date, or the president!

Another thing I like about “Show Stoppers” is it has Frederick Braue’s original handling of his infamous “Homing Card.” Fred Kaps performed Braue’s “Homing Card” so often, he is often credited for inventing it. In fact, Kaps performed it on black and white TV, making it one of the first card tricks ever performed on television.

If you would like to add a couple Show Stoppers to your act, get the book!

Click Here…

Don’t Ignore These Customers, They’re Ready to Buy Magic!

Next time you demonstrate magic in your shop or at your booth, remember everyone with an iPhone is a potential five-product sale. An EASY five-product sale! And if you include just one of those five products per visit, their average order ticket can easily exceed $40 when combined with other impulse buys.

There are a variety of magic tricks for the iPhone that require additional apps, but who has space for those? Very few of them work with the spectator’s phone, and fewer still are demonstrable on the fly with only the spectator’s phone. These products also, in many cases, bypass the magic shop and require the magician to download the trick directly from the iTunes store.

Since we’re talking technology, some magicians will get nervous right away. But you don’t have to be tech-savvy to perform amazing magic with an iPhone, let alone demonstrate it to your customers. In fact, you don’t even have to turn the phone on to profit from some of the best selling iPhone DVD’s and props on the market.

iPhone users love to make their phones look even cooler than they already are. That’s why the following items are easy sales to magicians and the general public, perfect for brick and mortar demonstrations, multi-venue pitches, and of course, online traffic always searching for the most current “Tips and TRICKS with the iPhone.”

If all else fails, wad their iPhone up and throw it in the trashcan using iFoam!

iFloat__09524_zoom iFoam_magic_tricks_DVD__07495_zoom iphone-insert__26673_zoom iUtility_Magic_DVD__52913_zoom Magic_with_iPhone_Vol_2__47652_zoom