Magic Stores Report $6000 in Revenue! launched the Royalty Free Program last month, and magic dealers have already reported combined revenue in excess of $6000.

And that is with only 40% of stores reporting!

Think about it for a moment: six thousand dollars magic dealers kept without paying a dime of it back to a jobber or vendor or shipping company; SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS in total profit that did not exist before our Royalty Free Program.

If you are in the magic business, then you know nothing much is selling right now unless you push it hard. So why not push products with 100% profit?

The pie is getting bigger! Here’s how you can enjoy a slice…

Select from any of the products listed below or from our Royalty Free product page. Add the item to your site and feature it. Send it to your list and push it relentlessly. When a customer purchases the item, you keep all the money. The buck stops with you!

I asked one of my dealers what the Royalty Free Program means to him and his business. He said, “To me it’s an endless inventory. A year-long, profit-laden revenue stream. After just thirty days my bestsellers are mostly royalty free.”

He nailed it.

He understands the program.

He sees the value in generating royalty free profits in this economy.

It is never too late to join the party. The program is scalable for any size business. Every magic store, no matter how large, starts with one Royalty Free product. Don’t just add it to your site—push it! Sell it. Keep all the money!

Complete Course in Pick Pocketing

Derek Dingle Last Notes by Simon Lovell 

Dracola by Gerald Kirchner

Burning Up by Nathan Kranzo

Bob Hummer’s Devastation Principle

Cups and Balls by Senor Mardo

Dotcha! by Gerald Kirchner

Flipper Coin Repair by Roy Kueppers

From the Stall Booklet

Interlocked Card Production

Pop-Card by Steven Pignataro

Expanded Shell Repair by Roy Kueppers

Mark Cannon’s Great Escapes Convention

If you have questions about the program, feel free to contact us. We also set up a FAQ page here.

Is Royalty Free Right For Me

Is Royalty Free Right for Me?

icone-downloadIf you haven’t already taken advantage of our Royalty Free Program, then you are leaving some serious money on the table. While writing this article, a dealer called eager for the next download. And for good reason: he sold twenty-eight Derek Dingle’s The Last Notes in twelve hours!

That is $318.60 the first day! His license is for another 364 days!

He didn’t have to ship any products or pay his jobber a royalty. It’s gravy. Bonus cash he can use to advertise his business, promote his other products, or pay his bills. He has a whole year with the product, zero cost per unit.

You can get started right now, or if you need more information read through these frequently asked question:

What is a royalty free license?

A royalty free license is a yearly agreement that provides you the right to sell as many units of a licensed item without paying a royalty for each unit sold. For most items you only need to sell 4-6 units to make your money back. The rest is TOTAL PROFIT! Cheaper than wholesale. Better than jobber rate. You keep 100% of the money.

Is there a fee for the license?

Yes. To purchase a license visit Wholesale Magic, add to cart the royalty free items you want to license and checkout. Download the files, upload them to your site along with the sales graphics and product description. You’re ready to go! Sell the items and keep 100% of the revenue.

For how long is the license valid?

All royalty free licenses on Wholesale Magic are valid for one year. There is no obligation or requirement to renew the license. Expired products—their files, promotional graphics, and text—must be removed from your website be the end of the last day. Failure to remove the content simply results in the purchase of an additional license for the same low price.

Since it’s digital, why can’t I have the item free?

Because it has value. You, the content creator, and the distributor all deserve to make money from this product. As a magic store owner, the industry needs you to help magicians recognize the value of information—this ethic reduces theft.

Can I pay you after it sells?

If you have thirty-day net with Wholesale Magic, then yes, choose that option at checkout. If you do not have thirty-day terms, you will need to pay for this merchandise in advance just as you would any other product.

Why doesn’t Wholesale Magic take a piece of the action?

It’s your money. Magic shops need to make—and keep!—all the money they can right now. Programs such as this provide magic stores with royalty free working capital. As a jobber and part of the community, Wholesale Magic has an interest in helping you succeed even if it means less revenue for us.

Do I pay the license fee per customer download?

No, you only pay for the license once a year and it is a set price.  Sell as many units as you want, keep 100% of the money.

Do customers download the file from my website or from yours?

From your website. We do not ask you to send us your customers. They buy from your site and stay on your site. Wholesale Magic doesn’t want to be in the retail business, so we don’t want access to your hard-earned retail customers.

How do you determine the cost of the license?

The license fee is based on several factors, including suggested retail, the age of the product, popularity, and focus group interest.

Do I have to take all the downloads?

Royalty free. Royalty freedom. Pick and choose only the downloads you feel are the most profitable for your company. Keep the ones that work, exchange the others out at the end of the license term for new products you want to try.

What if I don’t make my money back?

The risk is small. You only need to sell 4-6 units on most downloads to recoup the license fee—over a period of a whole year! And it only gets easier. As you add more royalty free products, you will acquire a reputation for having quality downloadable content. Eventually, magicians looking for instant delivery will think of you before your competitors.

What if I have technical questions?

Contact Wholesale Magic by email or phone and we’ll walk you through the process. You can add this feature to your site and start making money today.

Can I participate without a website?

Yes! Unlike affiliate programs, you can distribute royalty free digital materials without a website. There are two options: 1) Your license permits you to have one hardcopy in your store at a time. You can print it out for a customer or copy it to a disc. Sell this item just like you would any other tangible product. 2) Email a direct link to the file to your customer after their purchase in your shop—a great way to build your mailing list. There are a number of services online for storing and sharing files, free.

Should I promote the product?

Yes! Do not just load your site down with a bunch of downloads that don’t sell. Add them one or two at a time and promote each one. Grow this part of your site. Make this a fundamental part of your business model, one product at a time. Send an email to your list each time you add a new royalty free item. Create demand among your customers for these products… after all, you keep 100% of the money!

My shop is outside the United States. Can I participate?

Yes! Anyone in the world can participate. We want shops from around the world to enjoy the spoils. If you need to translate a PDF or video, let us know. We want you to succeed.

With which license should I start?

So far, the highest converting book in the Royalty Free Program is Derek Dingle’s The Last Notes.

Magic Store or Well-Stocked Affiliate?

Some magic store owners didn’t realize they made the switch!

If you own a magic shop, you are constantly searching for new ways to expand your marketshare, increase your product range, and better serve your customers.

But sometimes that means embracing new technologies or unconventional archetypes. It’s important to explore all aspects of these new models to ensure the concept fits your longterm goals, and at the very least, be aware when you take your business in a whole new direction.

Example: magicians visit the magic shop’s website, order a digital product, and are then redirected from the store’s website to a third party where the customer downloads the product.

This is known as an affiliate program. And the magic shop, instead of being referred to as a “store,” is called an affiliate. The term affiliate may apply to the shop as a whole, or to just one section of the shop’s website. A shop may begin as a traditional store and then convert—gradually or all at once—to an affiliate.

Photo by Jayson Shenk.

Photo by Jayson Shenk.

In non-magic industries, the affiliate concept is also known as “The Gallery Model.” Typically, the gallery model is used as part of a lead generation program—the main company builds its own mailing list and customer base from “tentacle” sites that feed the larger enterprise.

Since traffic sent to the fulfillment site has purchased a product, lead generation via the gallery model is a good way to capture real customers while filtering out casual visitors. Even if the customer only paid one dollar, it still means they are the cream of the crop—the best the referral site’s mailing list has to offer.

As far as the magic business is concerned, nobody is claiming third party digital vendors are recording customer info for the purpose of capitalizing on those customers directly (other than the initial sale of course). Similarly, magic vendors are unlikely to share customer info with content providers as a means to prove sales and to factor royalty; in this industry, such providers are often direct retail competitors with the affiliate sites.

One way to ensure these situations do not occur is to verify the vendor’s target demographic before choosing a third-party affiliate program. Does the vendor advertise their products and services exclusively to retail companies? Does the vendor’s online following exceed the number of potential clients? If so, that company may covet the same customer base as you.

Like merchants from any industry, magic shop owners are drawn to the idea of affiliate programs because they are fast, easy, and have zero up-front costs to get started—the exact opposite of the traditional store model. That’s not to say this is a bad arrangement by any means. Some magic stores want to be affiliates—commission is simple compared to gross and net. “Affiliate” should not be considered an evil word.

But even if you are not an affiliate, you should still be aware that as the affiliate model gains popularity, it alters—fundamentally—the industry landscape for everyone.

Eventually, the biggest buyer or “storer” of goods is no longer the most important client to vendors. The greatest assets are high-traffic online magic shops—galleries—who send the vendor the greatest number of customers. Magic stores with tangible inventory are unnecessary in this model.

That means website owners with zero buying power, but with heavy traffic flow, are more valuable to a vendor than the merchant who actually stocks a dozen DVD’s here and there. The affiliate model puts internet-only-including-no-warehouse-start-ups on equal footing with the “big guys.”

There are some powerful advantages too. The affiliate model opens the industry to more retail outlets, a larger market for content producers, and greater access to magic products by potential customers in areas of the world previously restricted.

In short, there are only two ways to distribute downloadable content. By affiliate program or by royalty free license. Merchants should consider the pros and cons of both systems and make a choice that best reflects their longterm goals.