Dotcha! Magic and Mayhem with the iPhone


I love phone tricks. I have five DVDs available on the subject! I also have a book devoted to iPhone tricks and gags entitled, Magic and Mayhem with the iPhone. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming soon. Stay tuned!

Since I’m always on my iphone, I thought, why not try and come up with a fun little gag to share here on the blog? I use iMessage a lot and so I decided to play around with that. What’s my least favorite part about texting? The waiting for a reply, of course. You know, the three dancing dots that pop up as the person you’re texting is texting you back. I’ve had to stare at those three dancing dots many times. That got me thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if you could just leave that text bubble floating there? How long would someone sit waiting for a text that wasn’t ever coming? Turns out, people will wait an almost unbearably long time. It’s pretty funny. As you can imagine, I proceeded to torture friends and family with this gif for days.


I created the Dotcha! gif on Photoshop. The initial image was good, but I wanted to see if I could find a better image elsewhere. Google didn’t have the images I was looking for, but I did find a post on cnet by Jason Cipriani describing the same idea. He almost had it right. What’s the difference? His bubble gif does not look like the iMessage bubble gif. So close!

I’m offering it here to all those who love mischief and pranks for free. Enjoy!

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Building a Magic Mailing List (Part Three)

Honoré_Daumier,_Le_Charivari_-_Advice_to_Subscribers,_1840In this series, I have revealed how to setup your mailing list and described what sort of newsletters to send. Now I would like to discuss how to get more magicians to subscribe to your list.

In Gerald Kirchner’s article on this blog, “How Many Licks Does it Take for a Review,” he discussed the ratio of traffic to conversion for a particular response, and how to alter that ratio in your favor using incentives. The same rules apply to subscribers.

Here are a few tweaks and ideas to maximize your subscription volume…

Make Subscribing Easy

Display a simple submission form prominently on your website(s).

About Those Incentives

Use phrases like, “Get special ‘Magicians Only’ discounts delivered to your inbox, free!” Or license the rights to a DVD and give it away, “Enter your email address and receive a downloadable, full-length DVD, FREE!” These method convert best, but you can offer other incentives too, such as valuable advise, feature content, or sweepstakes.

Handle Unsubscribes with Honor

To reduce spam filtering, you want to offer One-Click Unsubscribe. But it’s also a good practice to make it easy to unsubscribe and to actually honor the request. Do not create a separate list of unsubscribes and market to them uniquely or sell the addresses to a third-party.

Check Your Blacklists

Occasionally search for “email server blacklists,” and enter the IP address for your mail server to see if you are on any blacklists. If so, click the removal instructions for that blacklist and request exemption. Everyone ends up on blacklists at some point, even if they observe all the rules.

Keep Your Servers Separate

If you are sending your email campaigns through your own server or directly through the same company that hosts your site, setup another account just for mass emails, otherwise you run the risk of decreased deliverability of customer service messages—this is known as “reputation.”

Retain Subscribers

Always do what you promise when you entice people to subscribe to your newsletter—provide the content, giveaways, etc. Maintain a consistent schedule based on response so readers know when and what to expect. Keep the subject relevant and stay focussed on business—people don’t want to hear about your personal life before a discount promotion; that’s what blogs are for.

Surplus of Subscriber Potential

Your newsletter will always convert higher than social media, or at least it ought to if you manage your messages and lists properly. Offer specific incentives to convert social media followers into newsletter subscribers, then market to them directly without the noise of the social media environment.

One Simple Step Increases Facebook Reach



If you manage a Facebook page for your business or products, you may have noticed a recent decrease in the reach of your regular status updates.


The answer is simple: Facebook altered their algorithm to favor shares instead of updates.

What does this mean for you and your page? How can you increase your reach when you share information with the people who like your page?

Again, the answer is simple.

Instead of posting information about a new page or product on your website in a status update—usually a small bit of text and a link to the page—share the info directly from your website.

First, go to Facebook and select “Use Facebook As YOURPAGENAME” from the gear icon at the top, far right. Then go to your website and click the share button on the page your want to share, or if you don’t have one—and you should!—use the share feature in your web browser (may be an add-on in some browsers).

After you share the info, return to Facebook and click the gear icon again to use Facebook as your own profile account. Share the status update from your page timeline on your own personal profile timeline.


You just tickled the new Facebook algorithm and their system will now share your content through a larger potential array of viewers.

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