Magic City’s New Neighborhood is a HUGE Opportunity for You

During the bull market of the mid-2000’s, Magic City invited retailers to “hub” inside their spacious Los Angeles warehouse. Merchants setup shipping counters in the back, complete with their own computers and employees. These savvy magic shop owners shipped directly to their customers from Magic City’s inventory.

The service provided an amazing advantage to those stores who recognized the potential . . . the benefits for client and host. Over time, the service evolved.

For an added fee, those magic shops could use Magic City’s staff and shipping equipment. This is the warehousing opportunity I have written about in other articles.

Today, one magic shop has taken it to a whole new level.

Patrick Abney

Patrick Abney

MaryJo and Patrick Abney opened a full-blown magic shop—online and brick and mortar—right inside Magic City.

Standing in the showroom, Abney’s Magic Shop looks like any other retail magic shop. Carded products hang on the wall, bulky props adorn the shelves, and display cases are filled with the latest magic. However, surrounding the showroom is Magic City’s mammoth Wholesale Magic operation.

Warehouse space is still available to any magic shop that wishes to hub inside The City. Create your own neighborhood today! But you can also take advantage of the Abney’s clever idea at no additional cost.

The Abney’s retail traffic provides valuable information to Magic City and to YOU.

Typically, sales data from magic shops to jobbers is second-hand and delayed. The Abney’s store reveals true retail demand, instantly—what’s selling, in what quantity, and to whom. This is information that benefits you when you call to place your order with Gerald. He is going to tell you, “______ is hot right now. Three people came in before lunch to buy it.”

And it doesn’t end there. The Abney’s recently hosted a lecture at Magic City starring Chastain Criswell.

Even if you do not own a magic store, you can take advantage of Magic City’s infrastructure. In addition to the main warehouse, there is a secondary facility with nearly 5,000 square feet of storage.

Need inventory for your West Coast lecture tour? Store it here for low cost and pick it up at your leisure, or drop ship it to your hotel along the way anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Abney’s, you can kickoff your lecture tour at Magic City, and fuel your sales from one of the largest magic warehouses in the world.


Magic Distribution Also Means Warehousing

Image by Iamnee /

Image by Iamnee /

If behavior is any indicator, most manufacturers would say distributing magic means selling to a jobber [or two] and waiting for reorders.

Manufacturers—i.e. content producers who make their own merchandise rather than selling the rights or getting a royalty from the acting manufacturer—have another option at their disposal. It’s called “warehousing” or “hubbing.”

And it’s an awesome way to make sales.

Lets say Wholesale Magic—Magic City—declines to stock your new product or wants to start with less quantity than you need to produce initially. They may still warehouse your product for you. Free!

What does that mean?

It means you send some stock, say fifty units, to Wholesale Magic. They store the merchandise in their warehouse—a service for which most companies charge by the cubic inch. Whenever someone orders the item from you, whether it be a jobber, magic store, or even Magic City, Wholesale Magic will deliver the item.

Magic shops like to keep things simple. Instead of buying from a hundred single sources, they purchase their inventories from a couple of massive sources—jobbers. Listing your products with a jobber increases the number of potential sales dramatically. Have you found that from magic stores you get a lot of “maybes”? Jobbers don’t get maybes, they get orders.

If you live outside the U. S. and need a hub from which to distribute your magic to companies throughout The States, warehousing is even more profitable. Now you have a U. S. address and your customers pay U. S. shipping prices—that means they can buy more of your product for the same cost.

Once you have a warehousing agreement in place, notify magic stores and tell them the item is available from Wholesale Magic and to include the item with their next purchase.

Additionally, you can ask Wholesale Magic to help you sell the warehoused merchandise. They will list the item(s) on their site just like any other product. They will offer it to the jobbers and stores within their network and cut you a check when the product sells.

You now have a West Coast warehouse—a hub—ready to ship your products anywhere in the world. You make the sales, your warehouse ships the products. It only gets easier: after you shoot your DVD or print your book, have the duper or printer send the product directly to Wholesale Magic. Less work, more profit!

Contact Wholesale Magic to reserve your warehouse space.