Five Things Jobbers Want from Magic Shops

chalkboardThere are a few merchants within the magic community who network with each other, but for the most part, each magic shop is doing its own thing: trying to figure out where they fit in the magic community.

Jobbers are much the same way, which is why Wholesale Magic started this blog—to bring us all together and provide a network of information. A business-to-business magic community.

We are always looking for ways to make the relationship between retailer and distributor easier, so here is a list of five things you can do as a merchant to help your vendor(s) serve you better:

5) Jobbers Want Magic Shops to Promote New Magic

Generally speaking, new magic sells itself. Thus, the vast majority of stores don’t push new magic because it is already selling baseline quantities on its own. But magicians want new magic and they may forget to look for it or they might not look for it often enough. When a jobber announces a new product, it’s not so magicians will ask their magic store for it—if that were the case magic stores would be unnecessary—it is so that magic stores will take this information and share it with a larger market. At least once a month, send an email to your list promoting the new items added to your website or store shelves. Magic shops create demand, jobbers create supply.

4) Jobbers Want Magic Shops to be Successful

Magic shops and jobbers are not in competition, but rather symbiotic of one another. Without one, the other suffers. Without jobbers, the fractured network of magic shops would not be able to support the needs of magic manufacturers. Likewise, jobbers need magic stores to create demand for products and supply the items to retail customers. If magic stores are not successful, jobbers die, and vice versa. As a merchant, employ your jobber’s inventory and help them sell it.

3) Jobbers Want Evenflow Communication

Magic is a secretive art, but that doesn’t have to apply to industry professionals. There’s no reason to hide in the dark. Jobbers like to talk about what’s selling, what’s not, and what they think about the magic business past, present, and future. Networking is more important today than ever before. Open serious dialog with your jobbers and share information back with them so that they can learn how to serve you better.

2) Jobbers Want Magic Shops to Help Rebuild the Industry

Over the past few years, jobbers have abandoned minimum order totals and minimum item quantities to help magic shops through the recession. “No Minimums” sounds great to merchants, but it makes it difficult for jobbers to distinguish real shops from fronts, which is why there is so much competition at the retail level. And “onesies” take longer for jobbers to pull than traditional wholesale quantities.

If you order three items, a dozen of each, the order can be pulled in a few minutes, packaged and shipped same day—neither you or your customer have to wait. If the puller has to run around a 10,000 square foot warehouse to find twenty single items from among millions of dollars worth of inventory it can take a whole day to pull the order, eating up the jobber’s resources and forcing your customers to wait longer than necessary. Onesies also cost magic shops more in shipping, virtually eating away the merchant’s profit. Consider ordering at least two of an item and order what you hope to sell rather than only what you have already sold. I know it’s hard, but we have to start rebuilding the industry eventually.

1) Jobbers Want Magic Shops to Save Money

Jobbers rarely run discount promotions as a means of competition. Discounts are a technique better utilized at the retail level. However, when jobbers do offer an item at discount, it probably means there was significant negotiations and a bulk purchase behind the scenes. Jobbers think if they offer an item to you at a discount, it will entice you to purchase and promote it—infusing energy to the magic community. Take advantage of these opportunities. Promote the discounts to your own customers—create demand. Remember, it’s not magic store against magic store, but rather the magic industry in competition with all the other distractions of the modern world.

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