Top 10 Secrets to Digital Profits

Royalty free digital content is the single most profitable product in the magic industry.

If your magic business is flush with cash and your bank bursting at the seams, then you probably do not need to tap the digital market. But if you live in reality, chances are you want to make the most of the Royalty Free opportunity.

Here are the secrets to digital success…

  1. Acknowledge the Value

    It is understandable that some merchants do not want to sell downloadable content—they feel it has no value. But it only takes a quark of common sense to see streaming video and ebooks contain the same information as tangible DVD’s and regular books. Offering valuable content to your customers at digital prices, with instant delivery and no shipping fees is a tremendous benefit to the magic community. With digital products, you can reach magicians in countries where shipping is impossible. You can cater to magicians who want their whole library with them accessible 24/7 via the cloud.

  2. Digital Is Not Derogatory

    In the past, digital products were an emerging technology and not widely understood, let alone widely searched. Merchants had to educate their customers about the new content. But today, customers pursue digital content. Their loyalty to one merchant over another may be due to download selection. Digital is no longer derogatory. It is sought out and appreciated—expected.

  3. Producer Mentality

    Look at the front of your competition’s website. The products they push the hardest are the products with the most profit, usually an item they produced in-house (count the word Kindle on the front of Amazon). The Royalty Free Program gives you a whole new product line you can sell with the same—or more!—profit as the items you make yourself. Push RF products like they are your own line. Royalty Free products are always in stock, they are total profit, and they turnaround into new orders fast. These products are YOURS for one whole year.

  4. Promote or Go Broke 

    Barnum said, “Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing.” Most people think “promotion” means running a sale. It can, but really, promotion is more than that. To promote a product means to elevate it. Simply running a special on a product does not elevate its status—often it has the opposite effect. Promotion comes from educating your customers about the benefits of the product and advertising that promotion on your website, social media, magic forums, and in magic magazines. You can write articles and print them out for your brick & mortar customers, and include information for them to buy your digital products.

  5. Websites Are Not Lifeless Things

    Well, I should say, “good websites are alive.” The engine is running. There is life within the site detected by visitors. The engine serves visitors the valuable products they want or need. If potential customers come to your site and you do not inform them of products they might like, and your reason to suggest the item, then those customers will go someplace else. A blog is an excellent engine. You can post articles about a specific item or groups of items and push customers to buy them. In the case of downloads, offer PayPal buttons right in the blog. A simplified checkout. Start the engine and promote the quality products you offer with the most profit—Royalty Free.

  6. Categorize and Prioritize

    Products on websites are usually broken up into categories so that they are easy to browse. In those categories, a visitor might see subcategories. If your customer wants to buy a “Card Trick,” they simply click the category link. Inside “Card Tricks” they might see “DVD” and “BOOKS.” Add “DOWNLOAD” to that list. If you only have a few Royalty Free titles to start, push a specific item on that category page—post an ad for it in the category header or link the “Download” category directly to your promotional page or product page. Copy the downloadable merchandise into every category that applies.

  7. Custom Copy & Images

    Not every merchant is a writer and graphic designer. But custom sales tools really are a major secret of the biggest magic stores in the world—magic or otherwise. Find the Royalty Free Products other stores are not pushing and feature them on your site with a beefed up cover and some custom text. Turn filler into features. Make small tricks big.

  8. Incentives to Buy

    All non-essential sales—food, water, home, electricity—are the result of incentive. Incentives are the motivation beyond the base need for a purchase. What I like to call “the excuse.” Sure, you need a hot water heater. But if you get a bigger one you can take longer showers. The same works for magic. Of course, your customer wants to buy a magic trick today. “Buy any three and get the Digi of your choice free!” Customers are already visiting your site because they want to buy a magic trick. The amount of profit you make is up to you.

  9. Royalty Free Resolves Disputes 

    Use downloads to appease a customer service issue. Let’s say you made a mistake, an honest one of course. Use a download to make up for the problem. They cost you the least to give away, have zero shipping costs, and are delivered instantly.

  10. You Can Hold Royalty Free

    Unlike traditional digital media or distribution paradigms, a Royalty Free product license gives you the right to print out or supply the product on disc (one at a time, amassing stock is prohibited). Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you want to include free items with an online purchase, Royalty Free is as versatile as you are. Use Royalty Free to make money and provide value to your customers. Royalty Free is a tool and the best merchants are digital craftsman.

  11. BONUS TIP!

    There is an old saying, “You can’t get the second sale until you have the first sale.” Offer free downloads on your site so customers can test drive your download system. Once they become comfortable with the concept, they are more likely to purchase. Plus, free products are a great way, in general, to net more sign-ups from casual visitors, decreasing bounce rate.

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